viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Tailor4Less review by - Peter Reyes

5 stars - Tailor4Less custom shirt Review , writeen 03 February 2013

"I was at home bored when it came to my mind my friend telling me it was worth to have a look at tailor4less webpage. Truth be told, I had never bought anything online so I had no intention but to have a look at it. It seemed a serious webpage but as everything in life, you cannot judge a book by its cover. So I asked myself why not to give an opportunity to the buying online method and decided to order a shirt just to try it. After having a look at all the fabrics I decided to order the multicolor fabric that you can see in the photo, I knew it was a risky choice but I was probably just testing tailor4less. When the shirt arrived home, 15 days exactly after I ordered it, I felt disappointed due to its wrinkles but my opinion changed after I tried it and realized it fitted me perfectly. The truth is that I thought the taking measures part was a bit boring and useless and that at the end it wouldn’t fit me better than another shirt with a standard size, but I have to admit I am surprised about it. I’ts amazing how many details it has, like the button holes that are extremely accurate. Yes, tailor4less has indeed lived up to my expectations."