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Tailor4Less Reviews

Tailor4less Reviews

Tailor4Less customer reviews 5 out of 5 based on 95 reviews

5 stars - Tailor4Less Reviews 

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5 stars - Thomas Nilson 21/06/2013

My Tailor4Less ReviewMarianne Horner

I want to share my experience with Tailor4Less. I usually have some troubles finding clothes that really fit me well. I'm tall and skinny and I always have the same problems with the different sizes: large is too long and small is to short. I decided to try Tailor4Less after doing some research on other websites. Their website is easy to use and has a lot of customization options. I've placed my order 25 days ago and I received the package at my front door 4 days ago. I ordered a blue striped shirt, I really liked the fabrics and it fits perfectly (which it is the most important for me). I'm happy that I got a tailored shirt for less than $50 and I found a way to get garments that really fit me. My first Tailor4Less experience was successful. My next purchase will be a blue navy suit and I'll be sharing my new Tailor4Less review as soon as a get my next order.


5 stars - "We got our son's wedding shirt in record time - 03/05/2013

Tailor4Less ReviewMarianne Horner

We got our son's wedding shirt in record time, so we are very pleased, thank you. So, how can we ask for any improvement on that! (I ticked "improve the price" because I had to tick something. . . I actually do not have an answer for that section. If improving the price means lowering the workers' income, than I do not want that.) 

5 stars - "Unique tailored shirt 29/04/2013

Daniel Mollins

Thanks for my shirt! I got exactly what I was wishing for. My shirt has a unique style! I’ve added some extra details as you can see. Black buttons and black inner fabric. What I like the most, is that you can add your personal touch to your designs while you visualize your creations in the 3D designers.


5 stars - "My Tailor4Less jacket fits perfectly! 24/04/2013


Thanks Tailor4Less my jacket fits perfectly, I will be ordering again soon!


5 stars - "I've got my suit, and it fits perfectly! 22/04/2013


Hi! Ok, I had to fine tune some logistics with Fedex but dammit, it worked! I've got my suit, and it fits perfectly! You guys rock, thanks for everything, and say a big thank you to Stefano... I know I've been sorta rude with you guys, but you delivered... last minute, but on time. And I appreciate very much! ;-) Thanks a million!


5 stars - "You guys are great20/04/2013

Tailor4Less Customer Review

You guys are doing great. I'm very impressed with this site and I think you guys are doing a great job. My last suit I ordered came in with a few incorrect measurements, but that may have been my fault when adjusting my measurements in my profile. What I'd like to see happen is for there to be a 3D rendering of the suits like what you guys do with the shirts. I already enjoy the way I can design a suit now, but I want to see the colors and the finished product as one. You guys are great and I'll continue to buy my suits from here until I'm dead. Keep up the great work.


5 stars - "Good Products" 10/04/2013

Johan V.

Good products, quickly produced and for a very competitive price. You'd struggle finding products of this quality for this price on the high street, and they won't fit as well.


5 stars - Johnny Ji " 02/07/2013

I recently ordered a Midnight Blue suit from Tailor4Less and it is absolutely stunning. The suit fits my body perfectly and I couldn’t be happier about the quality of the suit for such a low price, thanks Tailor4Less! I’ll definitely be back!“ Cheers"